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Tags: power, saver, scam, work, chinese, china, ebay, aliexpress, real power, reactive power, distortion reactive power, capacitor, tutorial, ac, voltage, inductor...
Toegevoegd op: Maandag 29 Augustus 2016 (20:39:23)
Door: Huubo

Previous video: Twitter: Support me for more videos: In this video I will have a look at two chinese power saver devices, explain how they work and why those might not be a good option to save power. Along the way I will talk about reactive power and distortion reactive power. Music: 2011 Lookalike by Bartlebeats Killing Time, Kevin MacLeod ( You want to support my videos? You can browse and buy tools&materials from my Amazon Store. This way I get a small commission: Or you feel super generous and want to use this Amazon link as your Amazon home page. And do not worry, your purchases are all anonym and the prices are all the same:


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